Advance Notice of AGM and

Call for motions and Nomination of Board Members

1. Calendar for AGM

Please note the following sequence:

December Call for Nominations  - due date 2 February 2019 (see attached form)

Call for Motions - due date 10 January 2019 (see attached notice)

January Board considers motions

Notice of AGM date and business expected week commencing

25 January 2019

February Nominations to be returned by 2 February 2019

Ballots issued 21 February 2019 together with statement of finances

March Ballots due back by 18 March 2019

AGM expected to be held electronically in week commencing

25 March 2019

NB: Our Financial Year ends 30th June, and the normal time for us to hold an

AGM will be in November. This is our first AGM and the date has been

determined by the Board to allow members time to pay their dues before

a formal AGM.

2. AGM Business

This will be confirmed after receipt of motions (if any) and nominations. The Board has determined the maximum size of the Board shall be 12 members for the time being, so there will be 4 vacancies assuming the current 8 board members continue in office. Please see the Nomination Form for further detail. 

3. Qualification requirement for Nominations and Motions

Members are required to be in good financial standing by 2 February 2019 in order to submit valid nominations, and by 10th January 2019 in order to submit valid motions