Widows - a group with unusual problems in some countries

On 23rd June each year the UN observes an International Widows’ day to draw global attention to the voices and experiences of an estimated 258 million widows worldwide, of whom one in 10 lives in extreme poverty…

you can read more at this link. Definitely a group to keep in mind as we design projects to counter family violence.

Another way to help all women suffering violence is to sign the Call for an Everywoman Treaty. You can do this here.

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Please do engage with this - it is only 3 minutes of multiple choice questions - and it will help your Board enormously to understand where your priorities lie so we can allocate our resources to best advantage.

If for any reason you do not receive the email with the link, please use the Contact Us form on the Join Mailing List page under TAKE ACTION, or email us at ragfamsafe@gmail.com to request the link to be sent to you.

Changes to the RAG Committee

Over the past three months the Board has changed in composition, as long-serving members have taken on more obligations in their service beyond the RAG, and we have looked to broaden the geographical representation on the Board.

We thank our VP Caroline Counsel for her participation over the past three years - she continues to be involved in several task forces around family safety.

Rob McGuirk, one of our earliest members, is also leaving us to continue with the large task of leading the End Trachoma by 2020 initiative in Australia.

We welcome to the Board PDG Tony Monley from District 9810 in Victoria, Australia, PDG Helaine Campbell from District 5130  in California, and AG Carl Michel from District 6840 in Louisiana/Mississipi. 

Carl has been associated with the RAG since early days. As  leader of the GSE team from D 6840 in 2015 he helped invent the District Exchange of Family Violence Ambassadors - see elsewhere in News for links to that programme.

The RAG at the Toronto Convention - will you be there?

Toronto will be our first Convention as an approved Rotarian Action Group.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.40.15 pm.png

We have been allocated a corner Booth near the R.I. presence. It is No.117 on this map:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.33.08 pm.png

We also intend to have a presentation meeting to discuss the Board's plans for the RAG, to update you on finances and to hear your questions and suggestions. 

PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WILL BE COMING TO THE CONVENTION so we can keep you up to date with times and locations etc. nearer the time. Please go to this page and fill the form.

We are official at last!

On Wednesday 9th August we received the following from Rotary International:

''Dear Rotarians:


Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that the RI Board of Directors decided to officially recognize the Rotarian Action Group for Family Safety: Breaking the Family Violence Cycle at their June meeting.''

Thank you so much to all who have expressed support, and to the patient and committed Committee for getting us this far.

Now we must build and expand, which will need and deserve your continued involvement.

Please watch your email inbox for further news over the next few weeks!