Changes to the RAG Committee

Over the past three months the Board has changed in composition, as long-serving members have taken on more obligations in their service beyond the RAG, and we have looked to broaden the geographical representation on the Board.

We thank our VP Caroline Counsel for her participation over the past three years - she continues to be involved in several task forces around family safety.

Rob McGuirk, one of our earliest members, is also leaving us to continue with the large task of leading the End Trachoma by 2020 initiative in Australia.

We welcome to the Board PDG Tony Monley from District 9810 in Victoria, Australia, PDG Helaine Campbell from District 5130  in California, and AG Carl Michel from District 6840 in Louisiana/Mississipi. 

Carl has been associated with the RAG since early days. As  leader of the GSE team from D 6840 in 2015 he helped invent the District Exchange of Family Violence Ambassadors - see elsewhere in News for links to that programme.