Conference opportunities - deadlines approaching

Here are two events that fit in our Peace space and may interest you. In January 2020 there is a Peace Conference in California, at which we will be represented in a breakout session and sharing a stand with the Everywoman Treaty (second item).

The first item has a deadline for registration on the 21st September. We are building a relationship with MBBI and believe we can cooperate on projects that build leadership and awareness of Family Safety in many countries. They are a Rotary International Service Partner.

Congress dates: 6-8 November. Registration by 21st September.

Congress dates: 6-8 November. Registration by 21st September.

Dear Rotary Peacebuilders,

Because of your commitment to peace and conflict-transformation, we would like to extend a special invitation to attend the 2019 International Peace Congress, in Bali, Indonesia November 6 -8, 2019. Past Rotary International President (Ravi) Ravindran will be a featured speaker, discussing the importance of “leading change” through innovation and peace. This is also a wonderful opportunity for Rotary attendees to meet their Past Rotary International President in an intimate, Rotary-exclusive afternoon tea, to discuss topics including the future of Rotary, Peace, and PolioPlus.

Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI) is proud to be one of eight Rotary Service Partners, and is working in collaboration with Districts 3410 and 3420 to organize this year's groundbreaking Peace and Leadership event. This transformative conference is uniquely designed to cast a global vision, and craft local strategies, to advance peace projects and UN Development Goals as we move into this next decade.

We would like to extend a personal invitation for you to take part in this transformative event. The theme of this conference is: “DISRUPTORS: Being Peacebuilders in a World of Conflict,” and we will gather leaders, influencers, and changemakers to share the methods and mindsets to build a better world. Rotary needs your voice to share the Rotary experience and viewpoint, and to gain valuable insights from leaders in the field of conflict prevention, transformation, and healing. Rotarians are People of Action, and People of Action are DISRUPTORS by nature. Because they create change. Through this Congress, you will gain transformative skills and resources that will help you expand or launch your Peacebuilding work.

We have also created a special discount code for RAG for Family Safety, in order to honor our partnership with Rotary International. We invite you to share this opportunity within your club and throughout your Districts.

Register for the International Peace Congress

Discount Code: ROTARY

This discount has been extended through September 21st,

in honor of the International Day of Peace.

Rotary has been instrumental in its contribution to peace-building and conflict-transformation. Through your registration and attendance, your clubs and districts will be represented at the Congress. Furthermore, your presence would serve to represent your country in this global event. This program is designed to add immense value to the many parts of Rotary family, and to build lasting relationships among leaders, influencers, and practitioners around the world.

Learn More About the 2019 International Peace Congress

MBBI shares Rotary’s commitment to creating a world without violent conflict, and would like to use this opportunity to build and deepen its relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations. MBBI is very proud to serve as an official Rotary Service Partner, hold a Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and operate as a member of the UN's Nongovernmental Organization Major Group. We hope to use this experience to bolster our relationship with you, and work towards our mutual mission to create a better world through peace.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to your response, and we do hope to see you and your club in Bali!

Warm Regards,

The 2019 Peace Congress Planning Committee

Mediators Beyond Borders International

A Proud Partner of Rotary International