Attribution: I,  Mattinbgn  Maryborough Railway Station ( history )

Attribution: I, Mattinbgn Maryborough Railway Station (history)


The Rotary club of maryborough

was searching for a way to engage more closely with a troubled community, and to find a major project which would galvanise the Club as well as making Rotary more visible in the community.

This series of short video interviews highlights the key connections they developed, and how the Club has been able to impact the community for the better, also gaining new members in the process.

You can read a short explanation of the series here.

And Maryborough Rotary's earlier submission to the Royal Commission here.

The Maryborough Series comprises six interviews, which will be  available progressively on youtube via the links below.

1 Rotary Finds the Issue : PDG Geoff James and then President Thea Allan. You may read a transcript here.

2 working with the Education system: Principal David Sutton. You may read a transcript here. The concepts David refers to may be read about in the following pdfs:

A School-wide Positive Behaviour
    Sprague and Horner School-Wide-Positive-Behavioral-Supports
    Horner and Sugai School Wide Positive Support 
    Feinstein School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports on JSTOR
B Collective Impact Framework
    Making Collective Impact Work Stanford 2012

3 and 4 working with the Police: Leading Senior Constable David Scott and Senior Sergeant Paul Huggett. You may read transcripts  here and here.

5 working with the Shire Council: Sharon Fraser, General Manager of ‘Go Goldfields’. You may read a transcript here.

6 what did Rotary learn? Could you do it too? PPs Garry Higgins and Thea Allan discuss. You may read a transcript here.

This is the first in a series we hope to produce, showing the activities of Rotary Clubs around the world in the area of Family Safety.

Please contact us if you would like your Club to be featured.