Think globally, act locally

Friends of the Earth 

what can we do?

The pathways towards better understanding, and effective action, are not obvious or well understood. Major inquiries now under way demonstrate that in spite of great efforts and significant spending by governments and not-for-profits, a safe society remains elusive - and community attitudes are still rooted in paradigms of the past.

By sharing ideas and  initiatives that appear to be making a positive difference, Rotarians, governments and community organisations can perhaps find a better way forward than we could each do alone. And we may avoid repeating mistakes that have been recognised already.

A global conversation

Each Rotary Club is linked to our global network, and to many organisations in their own country. We can all learn from each other's experience in this area. We wish to encourage  champions in each Club, who can inspire their fellow members to take part in our global conversation. We are aiming for a Global Summit in 2017. To bring Rotary to that point it would be helpful to do preparatory work in the form of:

  • Club think-tanks 
  • District think-tanks 
  • National think-tanks


You will find material and  examples in our Resources pages.


Please join our group, share your knowledge and your questions, and start a journey towards global action for Family Safety.