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Are you looking for help to find well-connected volunteers in your area of Family Safety?

Rotary Clubs may be the answer. To explore being listed on this site, please contact us via the Partner Form.

In most communities, Rotarians have deep connections to local organisations, and a long history of service.

When you are looking to engage with a community, consider linking with one or more Rotary Clubs in that area and benefitting from their contacts and their volunteer energy.

Look at this Rotary Connects flyer to see the sort of process that a Club may adopt to engage the local community - enabling you to interact with key constituencies before finalising strategic initiatives or new programs.

Browse thepages under ABOUT , PARTNERS and RESOURCES in the top navigation to gain a sense of how the RAG can help you connect with Rotary Clubs.

Please also browse the pages that are aimed at Rotarians, to get a sense of how Rotary Clubs may be able to help.

And if Rotary is a mystery to you, have a look here to learn aboutsome of the programs that Rotary’s more than 1.2 million members  have been up to since 1904. And here to see some of our global partners.

To see if there is a club in your local area, google ‘Rotary Club of…’ with the name of your town or suburb. You should find a web page with contact details to get you started. To check names of Rotary Clubs you can also use the Club Finder here, but it will not give you telephone contact details.

Our News page over time will also mention Clubs who are active in Family Safety.

To join in discussions about Family Safety or reach out to  Rotarians with particular queries you may have, please join and use our Family Safety Rotary Group, which will serve as the Forum for this RAG. (NB you must sign up to MyRotary first ). You do not have to be a Rotarian to join this discussion group.

To contact us with a  General Enquiry please use this email .